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25th Anniversary Album

25th Anniversary Album

Artist: The Osmonds
Release Date: 1985
Record Label:
United Management
Album Number:
UR 1001

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Executive Producer: 
Karl Engemann

Produced by: 
Merrill Osmond

Musical Director: 
Jerry Williams

Sound Engineer: 
Cliff Maag

Recorded at: 
The Record Lab,
Orem Utah

Liner Notes: 
Ron Clark

Cover Photo: 
Merrett T. Smith

Special thanks to:
Carole Blanchard
Mike Williams
Gretchen Juergens

Vocal duet with Merrill Osmond on “Let’s Make It Love Again”
Liz Burrell

Liner Notes:

Those familiar with the early days of the Osmond Brothers “Boy Quartet” remember that sharp, clear harmonizing which made their blending so unique and one-of-a-kind.

With immaculate finesse and versatility, they have spanned a twenty-five year career performing a wide range of musical offerings.  Their return to those basic harmonizings with country music, however, is a strong statement of their return, as individuals, to their even stronger country roots.

Born and raised in the mountains of Utah, daily discipline was issued in hearty doses.  Farm chores were balanced between them and individual responsibility to see the daily routines accomplished was the bottom line.  Free time, when available, found the foursome practicing those soon-to-be-sought-after harmonies.  Nothing but nothing gave them more satisfaction and pleasure than to hear an entire song come together after weeks of practice to memorize and blend their sound.  Even then, they sought to perfect each element of every song – a habit and tradition that carried through today.

This twenty-fifth anniversary cassette, compiled and produced by their long time personal manager, Karl Engemann, is a direct reflection on what developed from those early practice sessions on a northern Utah farm.  It allows the listener to reflect upon the evolution of musical involvements made famous over the years by the legendary Osmond sound.

Although this album could not possibly contain all their constant stream of hits throughout the seventies, each of the cuts selected is reminiscent of the early sound and stylings that made the Osmond name a household word.  Each selection herein has been re-created and re-recorded by the group specifically for this tape.  This fact alone makes the “Twenty-fifth Anniversary Collection” cassette totally unique and sought after musically.  “Down By The Lazy River”, “One Bad Apple”, “Love Me For A Reason”, “Yo Yo”, the haunting “Let Me In” and controversial “Crazy Horses” provide the listener that rare opportunity to hear, over and over, today’s Osmonds Brothers in the studio once again performing their record-breaking hits of the past.

Side two is a statement of their progression and return to where it all started some twenty-seven years ago.  “Takin’ Country to the City”, “Back Step Lovin’”, “Let’s Make It Love Again”, “Got Me Singin’ Again”, and their ever-popular show closer, “He Ain’t Heavy”, provide the opportunity to the listener to advance with them in a paralleled career that seems to have no end.

The Osmond Brothers and producers of this tape respectfully dedicate its musical contents to those influencing souls who, through the years, have remained steadfast and true – their friends, the public, who made their name a household word.

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