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Christmas At Home

Christmas At Home (Front)
Christmas At Home (Back)

Artist: Donny Osmond
Release Date: 1997
Record Label: Nightstar
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Produced and Arranged by
Darrell Brown

Co-Produced by
Donny Osmond

Art Direction and Design by
Dina Barnes

Photography by
Matthew Barnes, Nashville

Styling by
Lynn Bugai, LA

Hair and Makeup by
Michelle Hyde, Provo

Additional recording: 
Brian Scheuble, Patrick Kelly, David Schober, Donny Osmond, Darrell Brown and Don Osmond, Jr.

Assistant Engineers: 
Brad Burke, Jim Scheffler, and Donny Osmond

Additional Recording: 
Recording Arts, The Bonus Room, Chameleon Sound, Quad Recording Studios, Maddening Studios, and Record Lab

Mixed by: 
David Leonard at
Maddening Studios, Provo, UT

Mastered by
Dave Collins at A&M Mastering,
Los Angeles, CA

Recorded by
David Leonard at
Tejas Recording Studios,
Franklin, TN

Except “After December Slips Away” and “Oh, Holy Night / Divine”
Recorded by Brian Scheuble at Schnee Studio, N. Hollywood, CA

“Come To The Manger”
Recorded by Cliff Maag
at Record Lab, Provo, UT

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”, Mixed by Donny Osmond

“Come To The Manger”
Mixed by Cliff Maag and
Donny Osmond

Chad Cromwell, Curt Bisquera

Michael Rhodes, Bob Glaub,
Craig Poole

Kenny Greenberg, Kevin Dukes, and Rich Dixon

B3, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, & Piano:  Dennis Matkosky

Jai Winding, Darrell Brown and Dennis Matkosky

Eric Darkin, Kevin Ricard, David Osmond and Don Osmond, Jr.

Lead and Background Vocals:  Donny Osmond

Vocal Arrangements: 
Darrell Brown and Donny Osmond

Group Background Vocals: 
Beth Neilsen Chapman, Bonnie Keen, Marke Kibble, Sherrie Kibble, Deborah Lippman, Marty McCall and David Robertson

Special Guests Vocalist: 
Debbie Osmond, Don Osmond, Jr., Jeremy Osmond, Brandon Osmond, and Christopher Osmond

David Davidson, Pam Sixfin,
David Angel

Jim Grosjean

Anthony Lamarchino

Arco Bass: 
Craig Nelson

Strings Arranged and Conducted by: 
John Darnall

Mark Douthit, Chris McDonald, Mike Haynes, and Jeff Bailey

Horn Arrangements: 
Chris McDonald

Ebnerhard Ramm and Ric Demonico

Flugelhorn solo on “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”: 
George Tidwell

Sax solos on Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas and “I’ve Been Looking For Christmas: 
Mark Douthit

Flute on
“My Grown Up Christmas List”: 
Leslie Hall Matkosky

SKA Guitar on
“Deck the Halls / Hark The Herald Angels Sing”: 

Jeremy Osmond

Piano on “Come To The Manger”: 
Darrell Brown

Nightstar Assistant: 
Pat Dresbach

Liner Notes:

Thanks to my Savior, Jesus Christ, in whom this work is all about.  May we all come to a better understanding of the true meaning behind this day we call Christmas.

Thanks to my wife Debbie, you are my reason for living and loving, to my children, Don, Jeremy, Brandon, Christopher, and our little angel on the way – you make my life complete!

Thanks to Brian and Marie, my brothers and their families for your love and support.  To my father and mother – I dedicate this album to you.  And to Darrell Brown, who is not only a great producer, but a dear friend.  Thank you for your vision.  Lee Dannay and Jill Willis, for your direction and friendship.  David “It’s Maddening” Leonard for gracing us with your gift.  The songwriters, musicians, vocalists and engineers for your help in bringing this record into being.  Matthew and Diana Barnes, you are great!  Eric Weissler, Dick Clark, Russ Krasnoff, John Ferriter, Mark Itkin, Amy Grant, and Gary Chapman, Jaymes Foster Levy, Fran Amitin, Veronica Cota, David Conrad, Danny Cox, Valerie Jensen, Renee Thornton, Barbara Vanderlinde, Jainie West, Pat Dresbach, Chris Hill, Val Heintz, Julie Seagrott, Steve Saiz, the Brady’s for their tree, Cliff Maag, Klay Anderson, Biran Scheuble, Arlen Simon, Anne Jackson, Doug Pinkston, West L.A. Music, Michael Dorian, Six “Ritnaskow-Ole” Nik and Thanks to Rob Dias for no reason at all.  – Donny

No matter how bright the glitter shines
No matter how many hopes come true.
I know that all I have begins and ends with you.

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