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Artist: Donny Osmond
Release Date: 1977
Record Label: Polydor
Album Number:
PD 1 6109

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

A Holland, Cozier, Holland Production

Produced by
Brian Holland for
Kolob Productions

Executive Producer: 
Edward J. Holland

I Can’t Stand It
The More I Live
(The More I Love)
You Are The Music In My Life
You Got Me Dangling on A String
Oh, It Must Be Love
You’ll Be Glad

Arranged by
McKinley Jackson

Fly Into The Wind
I’m Sorry

Arranged by
Jimmie Haskell

I Haven’t Had A
Heartache All Day
I Discovered You,
You Discovered Me

Rhythm tracks arranged by
McKinley Jackson

Strings and Horns arranged by Jimmie Haskell

Recorded at
Kolob Recording Studios,
Provo Utah
Studio Masters,
Los Angeles, CA
Wally Heider #4,
Los Angeles, CA

Recording Engineers: 
L.T. Horn, Peter Granet, Don Blake

L.T. Horn

Mixing Engineers: 
Lawrence T. Horn for
Supertec Sound Services and
B.V. Holland

Album Coordinators: 
Richard J. Davis and L.T. Horn

Production Coordinators: 
Richard J. Davis and Willie Davis

Rhythm Section Recording Musicians: 
John Barnes, Ronnie Coleman
Drums:  James Gadson, Ed Greene
Conga:  Eddie “Bongo” Brown, Paulinho Dacosta, Ollie Brown
Bob Zimmit, Gary Coleman
Guitars:  Ben Benay, Lee Ritenour, Greg Poree, Thom Rotella,
Mitch Holder
Bass:  Tony Newton
Synthesizer:  Dan Wyman for Sound Arts, John Barnes

Background Vocalists: 
Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Pat Henderson, Adrienne Williams

Vocal Arrangements by: 
Brian Holland

Art Direction: 
Mike Doud (AGI)

Marilyn Romen

Back Cover Photos: 
Jimmy Osmond

Cover Photo Tinting: 
Larry Dupont

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