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Donny And Marie

Artist: Donny & Marie
Release Date: Dec 15, 2009
Record Label: Decca
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Produced by:
Buddy Cannon
Except “I Have You To Thank”
Produced by Buddy Cannon and Gavin DeGraw

Executive Producers:
John Titta & Bill Porricelli

Recorded by:
Tony Castle at
Blackbird Recording Studios
Nashville, TN

Additional Engineering:
Cliff Maag, Butch Carr,
Tim Brennan

Additional Recording:
Record Lab Recording Studio
Provo, UT

Fireside Recording Studio
Nashville, TN

Digital Insight Recording Studios
Las Vegas, NV

Westwood Sound Recording Studio
Nashville, TN

Mixed by:
Tony Castle
The Tone Dock
Westwood Sound Recording Studio
Nashville, TN

Mastered by:
Andrew Mendelson
Georgetown Masters
Nashville, TN

Mastering Assistants:
Daniel Bacigalup and
Nathaphol Abhigantaphand

John Titta

Production Coordinator:
Shannon Scott

Brandon Osmond

Paul Enea, Tovero & Marks Creative

CD Production:
Jerome Bunke
Digital Force

Background Vocalists:
Cindy Richardson Walker
John Wesley Ryles
Don Marrandino
Buddy Cannon
Melonie Cannon
Stephen James
Rachael Lauren
Mekenna Bree
Jerry Williams

Bass:  Larry Paxton
Electric Guitar:  Pat Buchanan
Sythesizer, B-3 Organ:
Randy McCormick
Gut String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Bobby Terry
Acoustic Guitar: John Willis
Piano, Sythesizer, Wurlitzer:
John Hobbs
Electric Guitar: Kenny Greenberg
Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming: Paul Leim
Banjo: Scott Vesta
Mandolin: Dan Tminski
Trumpet: Gil Kaupp
Alto Saxophone: Rob Mader
Tenor Saxophone: Rocco Barbato
Trombone: Nathan Tanouye
Baritone Saxophone:
Miguel Rodriguez
Horn Arrangement: Jerry Williams
Synthesizer: Tony Castle
Acoustic Guitar: Buddy Cannon
Piano: Gavin DeGraw
Piano: Jim “Moose” Brown
Steel Guitar: Sonny Garrish

Liner Notes:

Don Tyminiski appears courtesy of Rounder Records, Gavin DeGraw appears courtesty of J Records, Melonie Cannon appears courtesy of Rural Rhythm Records.

Billboard Review:


Artist Comments:

Marie Would Like To Thank:
Karl Engemann, Marty Singer, Cliff Maag, Darla Sperry, Jerry Williams, Kim Goodwin, Maria Gomez, Staci Michelle Virga.

My children:
Stephen James & Rachael Lauren for great background vocals along with Mekenna Bree who's like one of my kids.

And, Stephen James - thank you for writing your mom a great single record!

Donny Would Like To Thank:
John Ferriter, Eric Gardner, Eric Weissler, Peter Stoll, Leslie Harker, Amber Hamilton, Sandra Lueras, ALori Slagle.

Everyone at donny.com
Naveen Jain, Deb Wallace, Caroline Mickler, Bryan Kim, Alana Miller, Tara Manasse, Tal Flanchraych.

My son, my photographer - Brandon Osmond.

Cliff Maag's magic vocal Maag Triad box! Vocalbooth.com, Gred Ondo, Ben James and everone at Steinberg / Yamaha. Staci Michelle Virga, Tina Salmon, Lynn Robinett.

To my lovely wife Debbie, my children and grandkids....BawPa loves you.

Donny And Marie Would Like To Thank:

On the US side:
John Hecker, John Titta, Buddy Cannon, Daniel Savage, John Ferriter, Chip Lightman and the late Danny Gans, Don Marrandino & Laura Ishum and everyone at Flamingo Las Vegas, George Hadowanetz/Cashman photo.

On The UK side:
Dickon Stainer, Rebecca Allen, Mark Wilkison Judith Mellor, and Oliver Harrop.


Other Comments:


Singles Released From This Album:





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