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Eyes Don't Lie

Eyes Don't Lie

Artist: Donny Osmond
Release Date: 1990
Record Label: Capitol
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Mastered by
Stephen Marcussen at
Precision Lacquer, L.A.

Executive Producer: 
Donny Osmond

Art Direction: 
Tommy Steele and Jeffery Fey

Jeffery Fey

Wayne Maser

Andi Anderson



Strings –
Leader:  Jeremy Lubbock
Contractor:  Jule Chaikin
Bruce Dukov
Debra Price
Arnold Belnick
Isabelle Daskoff
Joel DeRovin
Henry Ferber
Reg Hill
Brian Leonard
Gordon Marron
Don Palmer
Haim Shtrum
Bob Sushel
Mari Tsumura
Shari Zippert

Fred Seykora
Ron Cooper
Larry Corbett
Ernie Ehrnhardt
Dennis Karmazyn
Suzie Katayama

Sam Boghossian
Ken Burward-Hoy
Myra kestenbaum
Dan Neufeld

Liner Notes:

I want to thank my manager and friend, Bill Waite, and to my assistant, Nori Weech, Dan Olson, Mick Angus, Joel Peresman (and everyone at ITG), Greg Mortensen, Herb Karlitz, Carol Blum, Marc Fleisher, Denise Kinner, and everyone at Virgin Songs.

Special thanks to everyone at Capitol Records for believing in me and my music.

To my producers:  Carl Sturken, Even Rogers, David Gamson, Ric Wake, all the writers and collaborators, and to my “Vibe Miester,” Tony LaMans, thanks so much for your dedication and hard work.

Thanks to my band:  Ron Reinhardt, Jon Clark, Oneida James, Jenny Douglas-McRae, David Salinas, Christopher Marchand, as well as Rory Kaplan and Jeffrey B. Suttties.  Also to Vince Patterson, Phay Macmahon, Jack Valencia, Jim Byron, Frank Foster with Atari Corp., Hybrid Arts Roland, and those who worked hard on the Soldier of Love Tour, as well as Pat, Chris, Terri, Julie and everyone with the Network.

I also wish to thank Al, (the Mayor of “The Loft”), Matt, Ed, and everyone at the Loft Recording Studio; to the Bronxville Police Department for the parking tickets; Phil, Margarette and everyone at Pete’s for keeping us fed; and my good friend Rob Dias; and to Sik-Nik (“Ritnaskowole”).

My sincere appreciation to everyone at radio, retail and the press for accepting a change.

Most of all, thanks to my wife and children, and to my parents, brothers and sister, I love you.  This is for you.

By teaching correct principles, wise decisions will follow.  Please support freedom of expression by opposing record labeling.  – Donny Osmond

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