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Heart and Soul

Heart And Soul

Artist: Merrill Osmond
Release Date: 2011
Record Label:
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Merrill Osmond

Mary Osmond

Project Coordinator
Gene Puckett

Production Assistants
Donna Cahill, Sherri Lippoldt

Nick Sibley Recording Studio, Springfield MO


Scot Lancaster, Lyman Clark

Ina Mourik


Lead Vocals
Merrill Osmond

Mal Pope

Backing Vocals
Greg Frazier, Allie Hutsell, Gene Puckett, Tina Sibley, Ned Wilkinson

Bass – Bryan Lawson
Drums & Percussion -
Steve Mason
Guitars – Gene Puckett
Horns – Ned Wilkinsen
Keyboard – Scott Taylor
Sax – Todd Estes
Violin – Tina Sibley

Liner Notes:


Billboard Review:


Artist Comments:

This love CD has been a labor of love for me.  So many wonderful friends over the years have encouraged me to record such a collection of songs.  In fact, as I look back at my journal entries, this subject goes back 10 years.  There were so many emotions that filled my heart and mind as I sang these songs.  I remembered places and conversations where I either heard the original song played, or a memory that popped into my thoughts that reminded me of a personal conversation or an experience I had that mirrored the words I was singing.

Choosing the songs was not an easy task.  Thousands of suggestions from websites to Facebook entries put a spotlight on so many incredible songs.  But when I made the final decision each song made sense to me.  They represented where I am today and the feelings of my heart and soul.

So to those who have supported me over the years, and given me a reason to keep singing, this CD is for you. Enjoy,The Bear - Merrill

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