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Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Release Date: May 1972
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: June 17, 1972
Highest Chart Position: 13
# of Weeks on Chart: 29
Billboard Chart: Top Selling LPs

Production Information:

Produced by
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd

Emerson – Loew

Engineer:  Ed Greene

Recorded in concert at the Forum Los Angeles, CA, December 4, 1971

Liner Notes:


Billboard Review:

Sensational live LP from the brothers. Recorded at their Los Angeles concert, this dynamite package should outsell even their past million-selling albums. Included are their hits, One Bad Apple, Yo Yo, Down By The Lazy River, Donny's hits, Go Away Little Girl, Jimmy's show stopper, Trouble / I Gotta Woman, and their Motown Medley which is a concert highlight and more. All sure to thrill their millions of fans. Great production and sound by Michael Lloyd and Alan Osmond. - Billboard Magazine, June 17, 1972

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:

Live (US)
The US and Japan LP has a gatefold cover but the UK LP does not.


The album earned a Gold Record on December 30, 1972.



Live (UK)
The UK version of this album has a slight difference in the front cover. The photo is zoomed out while the U.S. photo is zoomed in (pictured above)

Live (Japan)
The Japanese version of this album has a blue crushed velvet cover. (pictured above).

Live Concert Book (Japan)
This album also came with a concert book included.

Singles Released From This Album:




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