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One Way Rider

Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Release Date: 1984
Record Label: Warner Bros
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Produced by
Jim Ed Norman for
JEN Productions, Inc.

Bass –
Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub

Keyboards –
Dennis Burnside, Brian Whitcomb

Electric Guitar –
Steve Gibson, Paul Worley,
John Hug, Randy Mitchell, Josh Leo

Acoustic Guitar –
Paul Worley, John Hug,
Randy Mitchell

Drums –
Eddie Bayers, Michael Huey

Strings Arranged and
conducted by

Bergen White,

Performed by the

Nashville String Machine with
Carl Gorodetzky; concertmaster.

Art Direction / Design: 
Laura Li Puma

James Goble

Personal Management: 
United Management Associates,
Karl Engemann

Recorded at
Audio Media Recorders by
Marshall Morgan,
assisted by
Giles Reeves.

Additional recording at
Woodland Sound Studio by
Tracy Jorgensen

Magnolia Sound Studio by
Eric Prestidege,
assisted by
Tom Crosswait

The Record Lab by
Cliff Maag;

Soundstage Studio by
Eric Prestidge,
assisted by Tim Kish.

Redwing Studio by
Eric Prestidge and the Music Mill by Eric Prestidge,
assisted by Joe Scaite.

Mixed by
Eric Prestidge at the Music Mill.

Originally mastered by
Glenn Meadows at
Mastertonics, Nashville.

This album was digitally mixed and master.


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