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Paper Roses

Paper Roses (Front)
Paper Roses (Back)

Artist: Marie Osmond
Release Date: 1973
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: Sept 22, 1973
Highest Chart Position: #1
# of Weeks on Chart: 19
Billboard Chart: Top Country LP's

Production Notes:

Arranged and produced by
Sonny James

Executive Producer: 
Don Ovens

String Arrangements: 
Cam Mullins

Vocal Accompaniment: 
The Jordanaires &
The Hershel Wiggington Singers

Charlie Tallent and Stan Hutto

Art Direction: 
Saul Saget

Liner Notes:

How can you help being totally involved in music and the love of music when your life has been surrounded by musical parents and famous singing brothers!!  Young Marie Osmond, the only girl in the family of eight brothers, came by this debut album naturally and in her own way.  She loves most types of music, but had expressed a particular fondness for the simple beauty of country music.  One of her Nashville favorites is composer-performer Sonny James.  So, off Marie went to Nashville for a happy, love-filled week of going over song material and recording with Sonny her arranger-producer.  Sonny wrote some of the songs included here, especially for his new friend!

As you will hear, Marie demonstrates her own individual style in this album and her talent clearly proves her versatility in any musical category.

All of us at MGM / Kolob Records hope you will enjoy this initial album as much as we have in bringing it to you.  –
Don Ovens, Director, Country Music Division, MGM Records

Billboard Review:

For a youngster of her tender years, her voice has strength and clarity, and the Sonny James production gets the right touch. The girl member of the famous family tackles some fairly difficult material and acquits herself well. With the title from her big hit single, she shows diversity in the album, erasing all doubts as to her abilities. Best cuts: Too Many Rivers, True Love Lasts Forever, You're The Only World I Know - Billboard Magazine, September 22, 1973

Artist Comments:


Other Comments:

Marie made music history with this album, by becoming the first female country artist to have her debut album go to #1 on the charts.

The album also was on Billboard's Top Selling LP's chart, going up to #59 for it's highest position and remained on the chart for 23 weeks.

Singles Released From This Album:

Paper Roses / Least of All You




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