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Steppin' Stone

Artist: Marie Osmond
Release Date: 1989
Record Label: Capitol
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Produced by
Jerry Crutchfield

Recorded at
Music Mill Studios and
Ominsound Recording Studios

Recording Engineers: 
Jim Cotton, Scott Hendricks

Assistant Recording Engineers: 
Paul Goldberg, Carry Summers

Additional Recording at
Javelina Recording Studios, Omnisound Recording Studios and House of David

Chris Hammond, Warren Peterson, and Lynn Peterzell

Assistant Engineers: 
Robert Charles, Tom Hitchcock,
and Carry Summers

Remixed at
The Castle Recording Studios

Remix Engineer: 
Scott Hendricks

Assistant Remix Engineer: 
Mark Nevers

Mastered at
Master Mix Studios

Mastering Engineer: 
Hank Williams

Paul Overstreet appears
courtesy of RCA Records

Keyboards:  David Briggs, Mitch Humphries, Matt Rollings
Drums:  Clyde Brooks, Larry Londin
Acoustic Guitar:  Mark Casstevens
Steel Guitar:  Steve Fishell,
Sonny Garrish
Acoustic and Electric Guitar: 
Steve Gibson
Percussion and Harmonica: 
Terry McMillan
Electric Guitar:  Brent Rowan
Bass:  Bob Wray

Background Vocals: 
Jessica Boucher, Carol Chase,
Greg Gordon, Paul Overstreet, Dennis Wilson, Curtis Young

Bob Ryan

Gail Rowell

Art Director: 
Tommy Steele

Peter Grant

Photo by: 
Bruno Goget
Reprinted by permission of
Redbook Magazine
© 1989 by the Hearst Corporation

There are so many people to thank… To Jerry Crutchfield – This has been the most enjoyable albums I have worked on and I know it’s because of you.  Thanks Jerry

To the engineers, musicians, publishers, and especially to all the writers – Thank you so much.  You’re the greatest!

To my manager, Karl Engemann (Man of Destiny) – For all the years of dedication and devotion.  Thank you.

And  a special thank you to Capitol Records – I love you all! – Marie

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