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Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Release Date: 1985
Record Label: Range
Album Number:

Billboard Chart Debut: N/A
Highest Chart Position: N/A
# of Weeks on Chart: N/A
Billboard Chart: N/A

Production Information:

Produced by
Rick Hall

Recorded at
Fame Recording Studios,
Muscle Shoals, AL

Background vocals recorded at Osmond Teleproduction Center, Orem Utah

Recording engineers: 
Rick Hall, Jerry Masters, Johnny Sandlin, Walt Aldridge

2nd Engineer: 
Ralph Ezell

David Briggs, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Steve Nathan, Chalmers Davis

Owen Hale

Bob Wray, Ralph Ezell

Fred Newell, Ken Bell, Walt Aldridge

Steel Guitar and Dobro: 
Sonny Garrish

Fred Newell

Bill Darnell

Ronnie Eades

Fiddle and Tamborine: 
Rick Hall

Additional background vocals:  Hershal Wiggington

Album compilation: 
Tony Byworth – Wootton International

Album coordinator: 
Marguerite Luciani

Produced by
Jim Ed Norman for
JEN Productions, Inc

Recorded at: 
Audio Media Recorders,
Nashville, TN

Additional recording at
Woodland Sound Studios,
Nashville, TN
And the Osmond Recording Studio, Orem, Utah.

Recording Engineers: 
Marshall Morgan, Tracy Jorgensen, Eric Prestidge

2nd Engineers: 
Giles Reeves, Ken Briblez

Dennis Burnside, Brian Whitcomb

Joe Osborn, Bob Glaub

Electric Guitars: 
Steve Gibson, Paul Worley, John Hug, Randy Mitchell, Josh Leo

Acoustic Guitars: 
Paul Worley, John Hug,
Randy Mitchell

Eddie Bayers, Michael Huey

String arrangements and conducting: 
Bergen White

The Nashville String Machine

Carl Gorodetzky

Personal Management: 
Karl Engemann,
United Management Associates

Public Relations: 
Ronald J. Clark

Liner Notes:

Over two decades ago a group of youngsters were flashed over the U.S. television screens coast to coast, on what was meant to be a one-time shot at the “big time.”  That single appearance, however, led on to such an overwhelming network mail response that for the following seven seasons, they would become regulars on the weekly broadcast.

That series was “The Andy Williams Show” and those youngsters were the Osmond Brothers – Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay – the first members of a family of child performers who would make it completely on their own.  From that point on the Osmond name alone would be to many the very definition of “big time” and everything resembling it.  Their lives would never be the same. . . nor the lives of those that they came in contact with and entertained.

As the years passed, the Osmond name grew in stature as additional members each added their skills to the entertainment profession  - and each scored individual, triumphant successes.  First Donny joined his brothers line-up in 1969 and then, in the early ‘70’s, Jimmy and Marie followed in their footsteps, each taking intelligent risks in their recording careers by trying new styles and experimenting with new sounds.  Overall it added up to a success story that was second to none, with the brothers selling an extraordinary amount of albums and singles and the family, in total, gathering sales that now exceed 77 million – and 25 Gold and Platinum Albums – with solo efforts by Donny, Marie, and Jimmy.

The group’s concert career parallels that of their recording success, with sellout world tours and attendance breaking performances being the pattern since, virtually, they first began working the road.  In short, the Osmonds established themselves in a genuine phenomenon of the entertainment business. 

Today the Osmond Brothers have come full circle, musically, and are back performing the music of their roots – country music.  It was a career move that wasn’t instantaneous but, rather, something that had been on their minds for a long time.  The recording move happened in 1982 and by the end of the year, they had not only achieved a Top 20 country single with I Think About Your Lovin’, but also collected two accolades from Billboard Magazine – the Breakthrough Award and Number One New Singles Group of the Year – and a nomination from the Country Music Association as Best New Group of the Year.  And they followed up that breakthrough with other chart singles that included It’s Like Falling In Love (Over and Over), Never Ending Song of Love, and One Way Rider, all to be found in this album collection.

At the beginning of 1985 the group changed its appearance somewhat, with Jay departing from his brothers, Alan, Wayne, and Merrill (though he is still to be heard on these recordings) in order to pursue solo activities.  Otherwise, the musical intentions remain the same, with the Osmond Brothers eager to pursue their journey along today’s country music road.  Equally the Osmond Brothers’ vast legions of fans remain eagerly enthusiastic to hear this lasting development within the group’s ever innovating career. – Tony Byworth

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