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We Sing You a Merry Christmas

We Sing You A Merry Christmas - Front
We Sing You A Merry Christmas - Back

Release Date: November 1963
Record Label: MGM
Album Number:
E / SE 4187
Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Billboard Chart Debut:
Highest Chart Position: Unknown

Production Information:

Music arranged and
conducted by

George Wyle

Recorded at: 
United Recording Studios,

Recording Engineer: 
Ben Jordan

Director of Engineering: 
Val Valentin

Produced by: 
Jesse Kaye

Liner Notes:

When silent snow sifts slowly over the land and the days are warm with good feeling, the spirit of Christmas is with us.

Like a beacon in the night of winter, Christmas sustains us, nourishes us, warms us with the hope of spring.

The ways of celebration vary from land to land, but one of the constant elements of Christmas is the lovely music of the season.   Another is the joy and wonder it brings to children.

So when children raise their voices in the songs of Christmas, we are doubly blessed because they sing of their happiness with the enthusiasm and the innocence of the young.

The Osmond Brothers – Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay, reading from the tallest and eldest down – have enjoyed the warmth of a family Christmas ever since they can remember.  They are four of the nine Osmond children, all of whom play and sing together, and their Christmas has always been filled with the music of the holiday.  They sing the sacred songs and the popular songs, and they make them ring with what can only be described as the true spirit of Christmas.

When the Osmond Brothers first appeared on the Andy Williams TV show, their singing touched off an avalanche of mail demanding more.  Their popularity led, inevitably, to a regular berth on the bright, new MGM TV series, “The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters,” on ABC, and to a recording contract with MGM Records.  Wherever they sing, they always perform the old favorites and the newest tunes with that wonderful quality called heart. 

It seems fitting, somehow, that the Osmond Brothers recorded this album of Christmas music during the hottest hot spell Hollywood had encountered in years.  But the lucky spectators, including Don Williams, brother of Andy and contributor of valuable support and advice, experienced a mid-summer Christmasy feeling as the boys sang these wonderful songs. 

So when you play this album by the Osmond Brothers, it may turn out to be the happiest of your Christmas gifts on that wonderful day.  Because the Osmond Brothers will be sharing with you their greatest gift – the charm and sincerity of boys singing the songs they know and love best.

And, after all, isn’t Christmas the day for the giving of gifts with love?

Artist Comments:



There are actually three different versions of this album with three different record numbers. All of the front covers look alike.

The first one, (E / SE 4187) is shown and described above. It contains 12 tracks.

The second one (M / MS 543) is recorded on the Metro Label - a division of MGM. This album only contains 10 tracks instead of 11, and has left off White Christmas. It also lists The First Noel and O Come All Ye Faithful as one track instead of two like the other two albums do.

The third album, (PM-9) is recorded on the MGM label. Although it shows 11 tracks, Santa No Chimney was left off of this recording and The First Noel and O Come All Ye Faithful were split into separate tracks instead of being listed together as they are on the first two albums. This album also contains the following statement in the liner notes: This record is brought to you with the cooperation of AC Spark Plug Division.  AC Spark Plug sponsors “The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters” on ABC-TV Sunday night.  The youthful Osmond Brothers appear regularly on the program - which indicates that this record was also used as a promotional tool to promote The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. This album also has an easel cut out on the back of the album, which allows the listener to prop the album up on a table.

The narrative on the back of each album is pretty much the same, although the narrative on the second album was shortened quite a bit.

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