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The Wonderful World Of
The Osmond Brothers

The Wonderful World of The Osmond Brothers - Front
The Wonderful World Of The Osmond Brothers - Back

Release Date: March 1969
Record Label: CBS/Sony
Album Number:
Artist: The Osmond Brothers
Billboard Chart Debut:
Highest Chart Position: Unknown

Production Information:


Liner Notes:

The Osmond Brothers – a chorus group of  seven brothers have established their popularity in Japan.   Recently they have performed  Good Morning Starshine with Andy Williams.  That was the first recording they did together and it was a big hit in the world of Pops. It was a fun and energetic performance, full of youth and cheerfulness.   The B side, Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In is not only upbeat, but the perfect harmony with Andy also.   I don't hesitate to say that it shows their talents more than any other time.   They have grown to be the greatest chorus group.   In this album, they perform lively and wonderful songs,  from well-known  Taking a Chance on Love to more rock with high-technical musical instruments , to wonderful ballads with great harmony.

The USA's popular TV show Andy Williams Show premiered in 1961.   The Osmond Brothers first appeared on the show in the 11th week.   They impressed the audience with their superior chorus and showmanship.   Andy introduced them saying, "This is the new sound of the Osmond Brothers!".

Success has followed them.  They have been on  The Jerry Lewis Show,  the Golden Globe Awards Show, The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, the Cole Porter Show and many other TV shows.

They have been successful in many and fields, on stage, TV, and recordings.   In the summer of 1967, they toured in Europe which was a great success.   In the spring of 1969, they came to Japan with Pat Boone.   Then in the same year they returned to Japan again without Pat and they are scheduled to come to Japan again in May with Andy.  

They have stirred up the good vibration not only among the Pops fans, but also among the world of journalism. Their repertoire includes their theme song  May Each Day , All You Need is Love , Downtown, and you You've Made Me So Very Happy.   From the standard to latest hits and instrumental performances, which make people want to get up and dance.  They have a wide variety of repertoire.  

At the time of their debut , there were 4 brothers.   Now there are seven of them performing. Alan (20), Wayne (18), Merrill (17), Jay (15), Donny (11), the only girl Marie (9), and cute little Jimmy (7).  

Jimmy was asked, "You are not feeling lonely because you don't have any younger brother?"  He then answered, "Not at all.  I have many big brothers."  What a sweetheart.

They perform Both Sides Now  written by Joni Mitchell and performed by Judy Collins, and also Speak Like a Child by Tim Harden.   It shows the will of the Osmond Brothers.  Taking a Chance on Love  was the theme song from the musical Cabin in the Sky which was released in 1940.   Many musicians covered the song, but it was revived and refreshed by the Osmond Brothers.  The B side Takin’ on a Big Thing was written by Alan, Wayne, Jay and Merrill Osmond themselves.  
This song is the perfect ending of the album.   In addition, Michael Henderson and Kirby Johnson arranged the songs on the album.

Translated by Mayumi “May” Fox

Artist Comments:


Bonus Material:

The album has a gatefold cover with a lyric sheet insert inside.

Singles Released From This Album:

Mary Elizabeth / Speak Like A Child
I've Got Lovin' On My Mind / Mollie 'A'
Groove With What You've Got / Takin' A Chance On Love
Both Sides Now / Speak Like A Child
Make The Music Flow / Takin' On A Good Thing
Beauty And The Sweet Talk / Good News




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