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America Is

They Come To America
1986 Word Records

Sung By:
Marie Osmond

Time:  4:02

Written by:
Hal David – Joe Raposo

America Is

America is a sharecropper's son
Who plays a guitar
And grows up to be
a rock and roll star
Yes, even a sharecropper's
son can go far
In America

America is
an immigrant's daughter
With something to say
Who grows up to be
a writer one day
An immigrant's daughter
can turn out ok
In America

You can build a bigger bridge
You can make a better car
Erect a building tall enough
to almost touch the stars
Anything you can dream
you can do
It's up to you

America is the cop on the beat
Who walks all alone
And offers his life to
safeguard your own
Like so many heroes
unsung and unknown
In America

America is the telephone man
On top of a pole
A miner who digs
down deep in a hole
And each one in search
of his own private goal
In America

You can build a stronger dam
and you can make a faster plane
Irrigate a barren desert
that is crying out for rain
Anything you can dream
you can do
It's up to you
In America

America is
The light in the harbor
That immigrants see
That tells them they've reached
the land of the free
And that is the way
that it always will be
In America

In America

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