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Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

Songs We Sang On The Andy Williams Show
1963 MGM Records

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers


Written by: 
Marshall – Murphy 

Orchestra Conducted by
George Wyle

Recorded at: 
United Recording Corporation,
Hollywood, California

Recording Engineers: 
Bill Putnam and Ben Jordan

Director of Engineering: 
Val Valentin

Produced by
Jesse Kaye

Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

Hi there folks how do you do
We’re mighty glad
to be here with you
A doodly doo a doodly doo
A doodly doo how do you do

Hi there folks
what do you say
We’re mighty glad
to be here today
We have some songs
we’re gonna sing
And some barbershop
chords are gonna
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring

We’re the Osmond
Brothers Boys Quartet
And we’re all tuned up to go
So sit right back
enjoy yourselves
And let’s get on
with the show

Be my little baby bumblebee
Buzz around, Buzz around
Keep a buzzing round
Bring home all that
honey loving to me
Honey loving to me

Won’t you come along and
Let me spend my happy hours
Rolling with you amongst the flowers
And when we get where
no-one else can see
Just you and me, Honey bee

In my little baby bumble
Roses are red, Violets are purple
I love waffles and maple syrple
I’ll be just as happy as can be
You and me, you and me
little bumblebee

Honey keep a buzzing please
I’ve got a dozen cousin bees
But I want you to be
my baby bumblebee, bumblebee
Won’t you come along
and save your loving just for me
And we’ll be happy wait and see

‘Cause I want you
to be my sugar pie
Want you
until the day I die
Want you to be my baby bumble
Keep a buzzing little honeybee

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