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The Best of You

There's No Stopping Your Heart
1985 Capitol Records

Sung By:
Marie Osmond & Dan Seals

Time:  3:39

Written by:  
Schuyler – Kennedy – Rose

Produced by
Paul Worley

Mixed by
Gene Eichelberger and Don Cobb
at the Bennett House

Eddie Bayers, Barry Beckett

Joe Osborn, Michael Rhodes

Dennis Burnside, Barry Beckett

Synthesizer:  David Innis

Acoustic Guitar: 
Paul Worley, Steve Gibson, Larry Byrom

Electric Guitar: 
Steve Gibson, Kenny Mims, Paul Worley

Fiddle and Mandolin: 
Mark O’Connor

Steel Guitar: 
Sonny Garrish

Percussion:  Tom Roady

Strings arranged by
Bergen White

Played by
The Nashville String Machine

The Best of You

Baby, when you're feeling low
and you're looking for
somewhere to go.
Don't go walking out that door,
baby, that is what my shoulder's for.
I'll be here till the end,
I'm not your fair weather friend.
We'll get you smiling again.
Don't you know I want
the rest of you with
the best of you

When the morning comes around
and your caught with
your defenses down,
when your hair's a mess
and your eyes are red, darlin',
that's no reason to hang your head.
Don't go turning away,
I want to see your face.
You know I love that place.
You know I want the
rest of you with the best of you.

Nothing that you ever say or do
could ever cover up
the best of you.

And when you're feeling blue,
I'll be here for you.
I love you through and through.
And I'll always want the
rest of you with the best of you.















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