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City Medley

Glory of America
1984 Osmond Entertainment

Sung By:
Marie Osmond

Time:  5:23

Produced by
Ike Egan and Denny Crockett

Executive Producers:
Merrill Osmond and Bill Critchfield

Additional Music Arrangements:
Kurt Bestor and Sam Cardon

City Medley

San Francisco open your golden gate
You’ll let no stranger wait
outside your door
San Francisco here is
your wandering one
Saying I’ll wander no more

Hooray for Hollywood
That screwy ballyhoo in Hollywood
Where any office boy or young mechanic
Can be a panic in Hollywood

By the time I get to Phoenix
Well he’ll be rising
He’ll find the note
I left hanging on his door

And it said
I’m going to Kansas City
Kansas City here I come
Oh yeah now
Kansas City
Kansas City here I come
Well they got some
crazy little honeys there
And I’m, I’m gonna get me one

If you meet me in St Louis, Louis
Meet me at the fair
Don’t care if your lights
aren’t shining
Any place but there

Chicago, Chicago
That rambling town, gambling town
Chicago, Chicago

It’s near Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana
Head a little south and you’ll be in

Oklahoma where the wind
comes sweeping down the plain
And the waving wheat
can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes
right behind the rain
So when we say
Yeeow ayipioeeay yeeow
We’re only saying
You’re doing fine
Oklahoma, Oklahoma okay

The stars at night are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky is wide and high
Deep in the heart of Texas
The sage in bloom is like perfume
Deep in the heart of Texas
Reminds me of the one I love
Deep in the heart of Texas

Oh way down yonder in New Orleans
In the land of the brand new dreams
It’s a garden of Eden,
you know what I mean
Oh Creole babies with flashing eyes
Softly whispering tender sighs

Stop (all aboard) all aboard
Pardon me boys
Is that the Chattanooga choo choo
Oh track twenty nine
Well can you give me a shine
We leave the Pennsylvania station
about a quarter to four
Read a magazine and
then you’re in Baltimore
Shovel all the coal in
Gotta keep it rolling
Woo woo Chattanooga
there you are

Moon over Miami
Shine on my love and me
So we can stroll beside the roll
of the rolling sea

I want to go back to my little
grass shack in
Kealakekua Hawaii
Oh it’s a grand old place
that’s always fair to see
Well I’m just a little Hawaiian
and a homesick kind of girl
I want to go back to my fishing pearl
I want to go back to my little grass shack
in Kealakekua Hawaii
Where the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa
girls are swimming by

Start spreading the news
Oh I’m leaving today
I wanna be a part of it
New York, New York
If I can make it there
I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York
Come on come through
New York, New York
New York

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