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Down Our Way

1963 MGM Records

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers

Time:  2:07

Written by: 

Orchestra Conducted by
George Wyle

Recorded at: 
United Recording Corporation,
Hollywood, California

Recording Engineers: 
Bill Putnam and Ben Jordan

Director of Engineering: 
Val Valentin

Produced by
Jesse Kaye

Down Our Way

Down our way (down our way)
Both night and day (night and day)
You know everybody
and they all know you
And even policemen say
How do you do

Pals by the score (by the score)
And gals galore (gals galore)
And that old gang of mine
They sang Sweet Adeline
Down our way
Down our way

Oh, gee but I wish that I could
Wander through the fields
Of clover and the noon more way
And go strolling along
The dusty country lane
And mist the beautiful flowers
That bloom in May
And on Saturday nights
You go a courtin’
With your girlie
‘neath  the bright
And silvery moon
And on your way to
Church on Sunday mornin’
People all say
How do you do

I wish that I could
Spin a yarn of spool
With all the boys
At the corner grocery store
I could even see that
Good time horse bell
You rang at
Billy Smithey’s store

And that old gang
They sang Sweet Adeline
Down our way
Down our way

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