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Find'em, Fool'em, and Forget'em

1970 MGM Records

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers


Written by: 
R. Hall – George Jackson

Find'em, Fool'em, and Forget'em

Listen girl there's something
that I gotta tell you
I got a funny little feeling that you are about to put me down huh
All my friends have been talking 'bout the way you mistreat me
It wouldn't have been this way if I'd have done what my Mama said.

She said Son, let me
give you some advice
You'd better remember this for the rest of your life

Mama said find 'em, fool 'em,
forget 'em, yeah, yeah, yeah
She said find 'em,
fool 'em, forget 'em

Oh! But I didn't listen
to what my Mama taught me
I went on and gave
my heart to you girl
You walked on it, huh,
you misused it
Until finally, you
broke my heart in two, girl

The way you treated me,
I wouldn't even treat a dog
You didn't even show me
any mercy at all
I wish I had found you,
fooled you, forgot you
Like my Mama said

Mama said find 'em, fool 'em, forget 'em, yeah, yeah, yeah

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