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Crazy Horses (Germany)
1972 MGM Records

***There are different versions
of this song. Click on the links
below to hear the differences.

Crazy Horses
Crazy Horses
Original Version
It's About Time
It's About Time
Jay Osmond

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers


Written by: 
Merrill Osmond – Alan Osmond

Produced by:
Alan Osmond and Michael Lloyd

Engineered by:
Ed Greene


Girl, will you be the one in my life
to give me love today
Hey hey hey
Girl, maybe you will be the one
that I will beg to stay
Give me a day, hey, hey, hey

Girl, I've been looking
round and round
to find a girl like you
There's only a few
Girl, I could spend a lot of time
and money just on you
Oh what I'd do, boo, boo, boo

We'll take a slow ride
down the avenue
Then go uptown and
order dinner for two
We'll be together
till the break of dawn
Give me an answer
cause I can't stay too long

Girl, oh you make it hard on a guy
you shouldn't be that way
hey, hey, hey
Girl, oh so happy I would be
if you'd just say
I'll give you a day, hey, hey, hey

I'll give you a day
What do you say
Is it okay?
Hey, hey, hey
Give you a day
What do you say
Is it okay



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Crazy Horses (Germany)
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Portrait of Osmonds (Japan)
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