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Golden Rainbow

Hello The Osmonds Brothers
1970 Denon Records

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers

Time:  1:59

Written by: 
W. Marks

Music Accompaniment: 
Denon Orchestra

Golden Rainbow

Golden rainbow,
shine above me
Once is all I’m asking for
Golden rainbow,
now I need you
Never needed you more

Golden rainbow,
make me lucky
Make my golden
dream come true
Break the clouds and
bring me sunshine
I’m depending on you.

I’ll never ask again if you
give me this one thing
I’ll want no more if you
give me this dream
One little turn of luck and
I’ll really be something
I want it, I need it,
I’m asking, I’m begging
Please, please, please, please

Golden Rainbow,
come up shining
Bring me fortune,
you know how
If you’re ever
gonna touch me
Golden rainbow,
won’t you make it now.
Make it now. 
Make it now.


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