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I Can't Stop

2008 Jimmy Osmond Productions

Sung By:
The Osmond Brothers



I Can't Stop

If I tumble, if I fall
I’ll bounce right back
Like a rubber ball
Turn me off, and I’ll
Turn back on
I just won’t quit
‘til I’m in your arms

‘Cos, I can’t stop (stop)
You’re the one
I’m gonna love
I can’t stop (stop)
You’re the one
I’m dreaming of
So run around,
I’ve got lots of time
When you’re ready,
you’re gonna be mine

Play with me,
And you play with fire
You can’t blow it out
‘cos the flame grows higher
You don’t have to worry,
You won’t get burned,
Sooner or later,
You’re gonna learn


Babe, I’m gonna get to you
Yeah, I’m gonna see it through
Don’t you know by now
I wouldn’t lie
I’d rather die.



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