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I Haven't Had A Heartache All Day

Donald Clark Osmond
1977 Polydor Records

Sung By:
Donny Osmond

Time:  3:27

Written by: 
H. Beatty – B. Holland –
E. Holland

Rhythm tracks arranged by
McKinley Jackson

Strings and Horns arranged by
Jimmie Haskell

Produced by
Brian Holland for
Kolob Productions

Executive Producer: 
Edward J. Holland

Recorded at
Kolob Recording Studios,
Provo Utah

Studio Masters,
Los Angeles, CA

Wally Heider #4,
Los Angeles, CA

Recording Engineers: 
L.T. Horn, Peter Granet,
Don Blake

L.T. Horn

Mixing Engineers: 
Lawrence T. Horn for
Supertec Sound Services
and B.V. Holland

Rhythm Section Recording Musicians: 
Keyboards:  John Barnes, Ronnie Coleman
Drums:  James Gadson, Ed Greene
Conga:  Eddie “Bongo” Brown,
Paulinho Dacosta, Ollie Brown
Percussion:  Bob Zimmit, Gary Coleman
Guitars:  Ben Benay, Lee Ritenour,
Greg Poree, Thom Rotella,
Mitch Holder
Bass:  Tony Newton
Synthesizer:  Dan Wyman for
Sound Arts, John Barnes

Background Vocalists: 
Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman,
Pat Henderson, Adrienne Williams

Vocal Arrangements by: 
Brian Holland

I Haven't Had A Heartache

Memories, hello, old friend.
So you've come back
to taunt me again.
Oh, but I'm stronger now,
than I was before.
Somehow the thought of her
doesn't hurt anymore.
I've faced the ups and downs
of not having her around.

'Cause I haven't had
a heartache all day.
No, I haven't had
a heartache all day.

So memories, leave me alone.
The hardest part
has come and gone.
Yes, I've laughed a little,
and I've cried alot.
But I've learned to live
with what I haven't got.
At last I've faced the fact
that she's never coming back.

And I haven't had
a heartache all day.
No, no, no I haven't

had a heartache all day.
Life is so much better.























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