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Jealous Heart

Who's Sorry Now
1975 MGM Records

Sung By:
Marie Osmond

Time:  2:28

Written by:  
Jenny Lou Carson

Arranged and produced by
Sonny James
in conjunction with Mike Curb Productions

Executive Producers: 
The Osmonds

Associate Producer: 
Don Ovens

String Arrangements: 
Cam Mullins

Vocal Accompaniment: 
The Jordanaires & Studio Singers

Ron Reynolds

Assistant Engineers: 
Steve Hodge and Charlie Tallent

Jealous Heart

Jealous heart, oh jealous heart,
stop beating
Can't you see the
damage you have done
You have driven
him away forever
Jealous heart now
I'm the lonely one

I was part of everything
he planned for
And I know he loved
me at the start
Now he hates the sight
of all I stand for
All because of you,
oh jealous heart

Now he's gone,
he's gone and found another
And I know he’ll love
me from the start
Through the years his
memory will haunt me
All because of
you oh jealous heart










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