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The Loft

What Kind Of Man Walks On A Woman
1995 Curb Records

Sung By:
Marie Osmond

Time:  1:06

Note:  This was a sample clip for the upcoming release of this song on the cassette single,  What Kind of Man Walks On a Woman, however, the song was never released by the record company.

The Loft

High in the loft
of his daddy’s barn
We watched the rain
fall from a summer storm
As it trickled on down
from the hot tin roof
He held me close
As the cool breeze blew
And as one kiss
lead to another
My heart beat
To the sound of thunder

That country boy
was a poor girl’s dream
My wonder world
in faded jeans
Calloused hands and
mine so soft
Hearts ablaze
High in the loft
Ooo there can’t
be nothing  better
Then lovin’ him
in stormy weather

Let the lightin’ flash
And the thunder roll
Hold me tight
And don’t let go
Till the rainbow of love
shines over our heads
Life’s so good when
the weather gets bad

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