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My Home Town Boy

All In Love
1988 Capitol Records

Sung By:
Marie Osmond

Time:  3:50

Written by: 
Randall – Silver – Etheridge

Produced by
Paul Worley / Ed Seay

Recorded by
Joe Bogan at
Nightingale Studio

Assisted by
Gary Paczosa

My Home Town Boy

Here in the city
life moves so fast
You're in no hurry
you make my moments last
You can take me
if only in my mind
Back to the place
that I left behind

And I want you
my home town boy
Life is sweeter
whenever you're around
No foolish dreamer
your feet stay on the ground
You look at me and
the world spins in slow motion
You hold the key
to my secret emotion
Guess I was meant for
my home town boy

You restore my soul
like cold spring water
on a sunny day
Like sunbeams of gold
your love is pure
and lights my way, baby

The road I’ve taken
led to this restless world
Where I'm mistaken
for a city girl
But your knowing eyes,
they always see me clearly
I can't disguise how
I love you dearly
You'll always be
my home town boy

You'll always be
my home town boy

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