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Oh, Sweet Lovin'

Donny & Marie (Taiwan)
1979 Taiwan

Sung By:
Donny & Marie Osmond

Time:  2:38

Written by: 
Alan Osmond – Wayne Osmond - Merrill Osmond – B. Holland

Arranged by:
Jimmie Haskell

Produced by:
Brian Holland for Kolob Productions

Executive Producer: 
Edward J. Holland
A Holland, Dozier, Holland Production

Director of Recording: 
L.T. Horn for
Supertec Sound Services

Recording Engineers: 
Biff Dawes, Don Blake, Frank Kejmar, Humberto Gatica

Mixing Engineers: 
Brian Holland, L.T. Horn and Humberto Gatica

Disc Mastering: 
Bob MacLeod,
Artisan Sound Recorders

Album Coordinator: 
Richard J. Davis

Production Coordinators: 
McKinley Jackson and Darnell Grays

Vocal background arrangements: 
Maxine Willard

Vocal Backgrounds: 
Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Patricia Henderson, Adrienne Williams

Oh, Sweet Lovin'

Oh, sweet lovin’
Got to be sweet lovin’
There’s a been a somethin’
gotta a hold on me
Ooo, I think I’m in love
Think I’m in love

Ever since I met him
Something’s happened to me
Yeah, I’m falling in love

First time I saw her
I knew right away
Oo, the feelin’s so strong, mmm
Just thinking about
the way he looked at me
He’s what I’ve wanted so long

Oh, I, oh my, I think its love
Oh, sweet lovin’
Got to be sweet lovin’
Oh, sweet lovin’
Got to be sweet lovin’

When I’m with her
It’s like heaven above
Ooo, it’s got to be love 
I  never felt this way
about anyone else
Yeah, it’s got to be love

We share the wonder and
magic of love
The kind of magic we know
Magic we know
And maybe baby, when this love goes
Then maybe baby, who knows

Oh, I, oh, my, I think its love
Oh, sweet lovin’
Got to be sweet lovin’










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