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Tweedlee Dee

Collector's Edition
1974 MGM Records

Sung By:
Jimmy Osmond

Time:  3:33

Written by: 
Winfield Scott

Produced by:
Mike Curb and Don Costa

Billboard Chart History:
Chart: Hot 100 Singles
Chart Debut: April 7, 1973
# of Weeks on Chart: 13
Highest Chart Position: #4


Tweedlee Dee

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dee
I’m as happy as can be
Jiminy Cricket, Jiminy Jack
You make my heart go clickity-clack
Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dee

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle, Da
How you gonna keep that
honey you got
Honkies, honkies spickety spice
I’m gonna see my honey tonight
Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Da

Tweedlee Dee, Tweedlee  Dee
Give it up, give it up,
give your love to me
Tweedlee Da, Tweedlee Da
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme,
Gimme ,Gimme all the love you got
Humpy dum dum dum

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Doh
I’m a lucky so and so
Hubba, Hubba, Honey do
I’m gonna keep my eyes on you
Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Doh

(Alright now, take it)

Tweedlee Doe, Tweedlee Doe
Give that kiss to me before you go
Tweedlee Dum, Tweedlee Dum
Lookie, lookie, lookie,
lookie like that sugar plum
Humpy dum dum dum

Twee-dle tweedle , Tweedlee Dum
You’re as sweet as bubble gum
Mercy, Mercy puddin’ and  pie
You got something that
money can’t buy
Tweed and tweed  tweedle dum

(Watch out)

Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dum
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle Dum
Ooohoo baby
Tweedle, Tweedle
Tweedle, Tweedle, Tweedle, Dee
I’m as happy as can be
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

Give your love to me

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