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Waltzin' In 4/4 Time

What I Like

Sung By:
Merrill Osmond

Time: 3:25

Waltzin' In 4/4 Time

My Texas rose and I
waltzed to the Playboys melody
The violins went round
our hearts sweet and tenderly
So hypnotized that starry night.
Love overtook our minds
With hazy eyes
we stole the prize
Waltzing in 4/4 time.

Odessa moonlight all around
that old sagebrush and sand
My Texas Rose and I swayed off
to heaven hand in hand
Bob Wills would call
and love would fall
That steel guitar would whine
We danced that night,
and half our lives
Waltzing in 4/4 time

Darlin’ as I look back
on our memories
I feel you wrapped up in my arms
Somehow it seems
it was just a dream
That slowly faded away
If you could only see Odessa now
And maybe you could still
feel me waltzing with you
Like we did the night Bob Wills
and Playboys’ band came through

My Texas Rose has faded now
just like our memories
Sometimes I hear the violins
and feel her close to me
The music’s changed
and I’m the same
And some sweet day in time
Once more I’ll hold my Texas Rose
Waltzing in 4/4 time

Once more I’ll hold
my Texas Rose
Waltzing in 4/4 time

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What I Like



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