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Wembley Drum Solo

2009 Jay Osmond

Sung By:
Jay Osmond


Written by:
Jay Osmond


Wembley Drum Solo

This song is an instrumental with Jay playing the drums.

I will always remember the feeling I had while performing my drum solo at our Wembley concert.  This concert tour was our 50th Anniversary celebration as a family in show business.  So many memories were running through my mind while I was playing this solo.  It was truly an amazing feeling to look out into the crowd, hear the screams, see the cameras filming, taking a glimpse of the video screens, hearing the sound of the drums booming in the speakers and in my ears, and focusing on playing – all at the same time.  Talk about pressure.  Ha!  Seriously, it was a moment in time for me that I will never forget.  I was taken back to memories of the early days when our amazing older brothers, Virl and Tom, took tap lessons and came home to teach the rest of us.  This started a sort of domino effect where each of us would take lessons at something, and share what we learned with the rest of the family.  Obviously, my niche ended up being the drums, and performing my drum solo on this tour was almost surreal.  I also thought about my brother Jimmy who looks after all of us, and made sure the whole 50th Anniversary celebration was set in motion.  What a flood of memories – past and present!  I’ll never forget any of it! - Jay Osmond


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