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You Remind Me

Donny & Marie (Taiwan)
1979 Taiwan

Sung By:
Donny Osmond

Time:  2:51

Written by: 
J. Dean – J. Glover

Arranged by:
Jimmie Haskell

Produced by:
Brian Holland
for Kolob Productions

Executive Producer: 
Edward J. Holland
A Holland, Dozier, Holland Production

Director of Recording: 
L.T. Horn for
Supertec Sound Services

Recording Engineers: 
Biff Dawes, Don Blake, Frank Kejmar, Humberto Gatica

Mixing Engineers: 
Brian Holland, L.T. Horn and Humberto Gatica

Disc Mastering: 
Bob MacLeod,
Artisan Sound Recorders

Album Coordinator: 
Richard J. Davis

Production Coordinators: 
McKinley Jackson and Darnell Grays

Vocal background arrangements: 
Maxine Willard

Vocal Backgrounds: 
Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Patricia Henderson, Adrienne Williams

You Remind Me

You remind me of a time
When love was warm
and very tender
Saw you walkin’ in the park
It was almost dark
You smiled at me
And instantly you healed my pain
My whole life’s changed
I heard your voice
and had no choice
But to ask you your name

You remind me
Of the feeling I forgot
Now I remember
You remind me
Of a time when love
Was warm and very tender

Something deep
within your eyes
Made me realize
You were the girl
Who’d lead me back
To love again
We’ll start as friends
Until we build a love
deep from our hearts
That will never end
You remind me

Love is giving me new life
My cloudy days are bright
I hold the hand of destiny
She walks with me
My heart’s at peace
My happiness is not a dream
But a reality

You remind me
Of a feeling I’d forgot
Now I remember
Yes, you remind me









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