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Mrs. Osmond Mothers The Brothers
The Press - Today With Women
By Kathe Tunnell
September 20, 1967

Whether it’s Los Angeles, Reno, Stockholm, New York, or Cleveland, when the Osmond family gathers, the roll call count goes up to 11.

“We always reserve one and two for the oldest boys, Virl and Tom, who are on Mormon mission work for our church in Canada,” explains Olive Osmond, mother of the nine children, five of whom include the Osmond Brothers of the Andy Williams Show.

The seven children, plus parents arrived in town Monday for the boys’ appearance with Phyllis Diller at Musicarnival through Sunday.

Until this year Mom stayed home with the youngest two, while Dad and the boys went on tour, but now the whole family goes and Mrs. Osmond loves it.

It was only five years ago that the George Osmond family was living peacefully in their Huntsville, Utah home (“It’s so peaceful and heavenly up there in the mountains” Mrs. Osmond says wistfully.)

Friday nights were reserved for “family night” when the 11 gathered around a candle-lit dinner table and each member of the family would present a poem, dance, or sing.

Then suddenly four of the family – Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay – found themselves singing on the Andy Williams Show.  The boys were 13, 11, nine, and six at the time.

Now, five years later, their voices have changed or are changing (“They juggle parts during the change – the singing goes on!” Dad explains).  Alan, the oldest has graduated from high school and their quartet has grown one with the addition of Donny, 9.

Other things have changed too.

“We always had a close family life and wanted to keep our home life as natural as we could,” Mrs. Osmond recalls.

So it wasn’t long after the boys were signed to a five-year contract with Andy Williams that Dad sold his real estate and insurance business in Huntsville and the whole family moved to the San Fernando Valley in California to be together.

Here the family still enjoys “family night” when they gather ‘round the dinner table for a business meeting, discussion of problems, and an entertainment session.





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