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Andy’s Brothers, The Osmond Brothers, and Entire Williams Clan Join in Salute to Yuletide on ‘Andy Williams Christmas Show’
NBC Press Release
November 21, 1967

Andy Williams will be joined by the Williams Brothers, Claudine Longet, the Osmond Brothers and the entire Williams family in his annual Andy Williams Christmas Show, to be colorcast over the NBC Television Network (Wednesday, Dec 13 (10-11 p.m. PST; 9-10 p.m. CST; preempting Run For Your Life).

The show opens with Andy singing Skaters’ Waltz, set against the background of an ice rink, with 24 skaters and six skiers.  Andy then introduces his guests – brothers Don, Bob, and Dick; the Osmond Brothers, Claudine Longet (Mrs. Andy Williams), and his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Williams.

Claudine sings Snow, her latest recording, followed by a piano rendition of Spinning Song in which Andy, Claudine, their children, Noelle (4), Christian (3) and the senior Williams participate.  Andy then does a piano and song rendition of Happiness, in which the family also join.

Andy and his brothers sing Jingle Bells and Christmas Song and reminisce about early days.  The Williams Brothers and the Osmond Brothers follow with Happy Holiday-Happy Season.  The Osmonds sing Most Wonderful Time of the Year as they skate around the rink.  Andy then tells Noelle and Christian a fairy tale followed by the song, Something in Your Smile.

The entire cast sings Need A Little Christmas and then offer a Christmas musicale, starring the Williams family and friends.  Jimmy Osmond sings Tell Me Babe, What’s New?  Claudine and Andy present a French song and dance in which they appear as marionettes.

The Williams’ children, including Andy’s nieces and nephews, then to a Nativity tableau.  Andy’s brother Bob sings Bell of Hopkins Corner, accompanied by brothers Dick (piano) and Don (drums).  Andy closes the show with the singing of Ave Maria.

The Andy Williams Show was produced by Edward Stephenson, directed by Bob Henry and written by Harry Crane and Don Hinkley.



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