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Good Girls Are Not Passe
Detroit News
By Vernon Scott
July 10, 1978

Marie Osmond looked somewhat lonely on the big sound stage. She was surrounded by a full crew, other actors and scores of extras, but there wasn't another Osmond in sight.

For the first time in her young career, 18-year-old Marie has undertaken a major project without brother Donny and the rest of the clan Osmond. She is starring in "Gift of Love," and ABC-TV movie scheduled for Christmas.

The story is based on "Gift of The Magi", the simple love story of a young couple who sacrifice their dearest possessions in declaring their devotion to one another. The script was literally tailor made for Marie.

Marie's performance will do nothing to taint her image as a pure, wholesome and unsullied young woman. But then she makes a fine point of refusing any role that would clash with her religious and moral beliefs.

Marie was, in fact, offered the Olivia Newton-John role in "Grease." She refused because she thought some elements of the script were raunchy.

"Whenever an actress plays a character, she should be comfortable with the role in order to do her best," Marie said.

"I feel the same way about songs that I do about acting roles. If the song says something that conflicts with my beliefs, I turn it down. I've refused some great songs because they wouldn't change the lyrics.

"I couldn't play a prostitute, for instance, because I wouldn't feel right about it and I probably wouldn't be convincing. I couldn't relate to that sort of woman,

"The producers of 'Grease" offered to change the character for me. But they wouldn't change the other stuff, like the boys dropping their pants. I just wouldn't want my name attached to the picture.

"Even when the part I play is agreeable to me, but the picture is on a bad subject or other characters are not worthwhile, I would be identified with the film regardless.

"I knew "Grease" would be a hit. But I also know many other good roles and songs will come along. And fortunately I'm in a position to be selective."


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