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The Associated Press
July 5, 1979

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - It was just a few weeks ago that teen singer Marie Osmond joyfully announced her engagement to actor Jeff Crayton. But the honeymoon is over before it ever got started.

Miss Osmond, the distaff side of television's sweet‑faced sibling duo Donny and Marie, told a crowd at the Montgomery Coliseum the wedding was off.

"Marriage is a serious thing you don't want to fool around with. We had doubts, so we called it off," said the 19‑year‑old singer. She was in town with brothers Jay and Wayne to attend the Tumbling Waters Museum's annual Old‑Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration.

Miss Osmond and Crayton, 23, both Mormons, were engaged May 29. Crayton is a Los Angeles actor attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, the home of the Osmond family.


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