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Donny Osmond: Kendra's Bad Attitude Is Hurting Her
USA Today
by Ann Oldenburg
April 19, 2011

Donny Osmond, the last man to win Dancing With the Stars (Season 9 in November, 2009), predicted today on Good Morning America that "Kendra is going home tonight."

Osmond, who referred to notes he took on his BlackBerry, said, "Kendra, c'mon. Enough with the bad attitude. I think that's hurting her." He said she and partner Louis Van Amstel were just "stomping" around the floor.
"I'm so passionate about this show, obviously since I won it -- hello? I know what everyone's going through."

He said Hines Ward, at the top of the leaderboard, is doing a great job, but "he's got to sustain it," so that's a dangerous position.

The other dangerous position is second-to-the-last. "If you're in the last position, the audience rallies. If you're in second-to-last, you get forgotten about."

He suggested that Ralph Macchio needs to "stop flailing those arms." And, "I don't like Chris Jericho or Romeo. Their egos are too big."
Osmond has high hopes for Disney star Chelsea Kane. "Chelsea, watch out for her. I think she could win this thing."



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