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Inside Story of Marie Osmond's Wedding / A Conservation With Donny
May 5, 2011

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Secrecy surrounding the wedding was so tight that Marie reportedly did not tell her immediate family until three days prior. That presented a problem for some of her famous brothers who couldn't make it.  The show went on with their blessing, but not their presence.

Donny was one of the exceptions. " I wish everybody could have been there, but this was such a secret to keep the paparazzi away that when Marie did say, 'okay, let it out' everybody had other obligations they couldn't get out of.

“Since I'm working with her in Vegas, I was there and so I was able to make it."

The sealing of Marie Osmond to Steve Craig on Wednesday was a quiet, intimate ceremony for the two families.

Donny recalls, "I think one of the most special moments for me was when I looked over at the two witnesses in the sealing room there at the Nevada temple -- the Las Vegas temple -- and one was Steve Craig's brother and the other was Stephen -- Marie and Steve's son."

Stephen had reportedly played a key role in getting his parents back together.

But Donny insists it was a team effort. “I think we all played a role. I think Steve has always been there in Marie's life because of Stephen. And I have always gotten along well with him. He is such a great guy. And over time, almost 30-years whatever -- 28 years -- they decided you know, we still love each other and it's time to get back together again.' It just felt right."

Still, he was surprised when the bride and groom walked into the sealing room. He had expected to see two nervous people, "But they were just as calm as can be and they just looked so well together. It's amazing what can happen over time."

Donny’s first words to Steve Craig after the ceremony: "Welcome home, brother! -- Nice to be able to call you brother again.
“Until yesterday, the common phrase for my sister's life was 'a Cinderella story gone wrong.' But it's a Cinderella story with a lot of bumps in the road that has such a beautiful and happy ending to it.
“It was a wonderful thing to witness and be there for... And I'm glad I was.”

The couple is now on an abbreviated, 2nd honeymoon.

“I don't even know where they are right now,” Donny said. “They took off and said, see ya later. I'll see you in New York for Good Morning America on Monday."

The Donny and Marie show in Las Vegas resumes on Tuesday.

As for Donny, he will be in Centerville, Utah on Saturday. From 11:00am to 1:00pm he will be at the Centerville Wal-Mart signing his new CD with Marie – the first for the famous brother/sister team in a quarter century.




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