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Marie Osmond Reveals How She Is Winning The Battle of the Bulge
by Joanne Eglash
June 30, 2011

Marie Osmond, like many female celebrities, has fought an ongoing weight war with herself for many years. Now in her early 50s, Marie recently revealed to a Prevention Magazine reporter just how she's finally winning that battle of the bulge.

In the July 2011 issue of Prevention, Marie says that it was her mother who motivated her by telling her daughter to "lose weight," advising "Love yourself enough" to care for yourself. In addition to following a healthier, lower calorie diet, Marie has begun exercising. Her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, Marie admits, also served as a "catalyst. There's nothing more humiliating than wearing spandex when you're forty pounds overweight."

Marie has lost weight using the Nutrisystem plan (and, in fact, is a paid spokesperson for that diet system). However, she also emphasizes that she continues to exercise regularly, performing both cardio exercise and lifting light weights.





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