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Donny Osmond's Flash Mob
Vegas Insider

July 8, 2011

Fans of Donny Osmond put the fan in fanatic. Some of his fans have been steadfast since the 1970s and have grown up with him as he experienced puppy love and later marriage and children, a Broadway run, a “Dancing with the Stars” stint, and of course his Las Vegas show with his sister Marie at the Flamingo.

Donny knows it’s his fans that have kept him popular decade after decade—he’s entering his 50th decade in show business, as a matter of fact. He loves giving back to the fans and one event every year that draws some of his most dedicated fans is the Annual Get Together. He hosts the event, which takes place on Feb 21, 22, and 23 and includes concerts, activities, socials, and more. He has something new planned for Friday the 22nd at the Caesars Palace Forum Shops. He’s calling it a Dance Forum, but some might know it as flash mob.

If you don’t know what a flash mob, or Dance Forum in this case, is, it’s a large, choreographed dance. But rather than taking place on a stage with an audience or on a dance floor, it takes place in just about any public area when people least expect it. Flash mob participants blend in with the crowd and at a pre-determined time, they break into their dance. It’s always fun to see the surprised look on unsuspecting peoples’ faces, and Donny is hoping this this the first of many Donny Dance Forums. He’s inviting people to participate and they can sign up at





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