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Donny Osmond Gets Busy
Vegas Insider
July 11, 2011

Donny Osmond stars in a popular Las Vegas show with his sister Marie at the Flamingo at the Las Vegas strip and the show keeps them plenty busy. Showbiz is in this brother and sister act’s blood, however, so even when they have the chance to take a little hiatus from the frenzied pace of the Las Vegas show, you can usually find the two of them performing somewhere either together or solo.

Next month is no exception for Donny. At the end of August, he’s embarking on what he calls a “whirlwind tour” titled “Basically Yours.” He said it will be an “intimate concert evening” with venues ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 seats. He’ll perform his classic his along with new songs from his latest album.

You could say he’ll be taking a bit of a break. His Las Vegas show goes on hiatus after the July 30 performance. Then, on August 24, he takes to the road with shows in Wallingford, Ct, Westbury, NY, Shippenburg, PA, Atlantic City, NJ, Phoenix, AZ, Vancouver, Canada, Cleveland, OH, and Wabash, Indiana, before starting a new block of Las Vegas shows on September 6. This will give his non-West Coast fans a chance to come out and see him perform.

It’s an amazing pace, especially now that Donny is 53 years old AND a grandpa. One look at Donny and a minute of seeing him onstage and you’ll realize this is a man with unbounded energy. Let’s not forget that not too long ago Donny won season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Maybe it’s all that clean Mormon living or the water in Utah, but Donny seems to defy aging at every turn.




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