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Donny Osmond Hosts Flash Mob
13 Action News
by Tina Patel
July 22, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Donny Osmond is used to performing for his fans.  But Friday night, he decided to perform with his fans.  He hosted the first annual Donny's Dance Forum at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. 

Flash mobs have become a trend over the last few years.. groups of people breaking out into choreographed dance moves in a public place.  Donny said he came up with the idea of staging a flash mob about six months ago, but he wasn't sure if anyone would come. 

Friday night, close to 1000 fans did turn out after hearing about the event on the internet.  Tracy Lauzon traveled from Canada to take part.
"It's something Donny would do," she thought when she first heard about the idea.  "He's that kind of guy, he's fun."

He's also constantly drawing new fans like Justin Adams, who's only 15 years old.

"My music teacher in the 5th grade always talked about him," Adams said.  "So I kind of got interested in him." 

Donny says having fans, young and old, is what keeps him dancing.

"I like to give back because they've kept me in this business 48 years now," he says.  "I'm not making a dime.  In fact, this is costing me.  But sometmes you have to give to the party, and this is a huge party."

Donny says he hopes the Dance Forum will become an annual tradition here in Las Vegas. 




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