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Going For The Gold: The Osmonds
by Michael Verity
July 25, 2011

With their freshly-scrubbed Utah-born faces smiling from their record jackets — and a formula for hits that competed with Bobby Sherman for the hearts of teenage girls — the Osmonds scored a trio of gold singles during their golden years, 1971 and ’72.

You are correct, sir. The very first gold record for the Osmonds was their very first single, “One Bad Apple.” The George Jackson-penned warning to teenage chicklets that “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch … GIRL!” was released in November 1970.

By January of 1971, it had cracked the Top 40, where it lived for a 12 weeks, peaking at Number 1 for a healthy five of those dozen weeks.

“Double Lovin’” landed in the Top 40, too, but it was Joe South‘s “Yo-Yo,” their third release that scored them their second shiny disc. It took but a month to land in the Top 40 where it, too, lived for a dozen weeks and peaked at Number 3.

Their final gold record was their best single of all, the rockin’ self-penned “Down By the Lazy River.” Another 12-week survivor of the Top 40, “Lazy” peaked at Number 4 and was certified gold just a few months after its release.




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