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Marie Osmond Silenced!
The National Enquirer
Michael Glynn
August 5, 2011

Marie – who’s made millions with her sweet voice – has been plagued by throat problems so severe that doctors have ordered her to limit her talking.

The situation got so bad that devoted brother Donny, 53, stepped in for her – singing one of her signature hits dressed in drag as his sis!

“It was Donny’s way of making the best of a bad situation,” said a close source.

Marie, 51, lost her voice during their recent 12-night Toronto engagement, and she was instructed to keep quiet during the day to rest her taxed vocal cords.

“During one of the final shows, Donny came on in high heels and a Marie getup and did a fun send-up of her country song ‘Paper Roses,’” said the source.

“It brought the house down and cracked up Marie.”

When the duo returned to Las Vegas for their ongoing show at the Flamingo Las Vegas hotel, Marie’s voice problem lingered due to the hot, dry weather and her allergies.



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