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Jimmy Osmond Promised To Keep On Performing
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August 11, 2011

Jimmy Osmond feels very sad that after this tour of the Osmonds in the UK. He stated that it will be the last under the present line-up because Merrill, 58, the main singer will be leaving.

Jimmy, 48, performed over 45 years and the brothers have been together for 53 years. He explains the reason for the split-up is due to individual careers and life style. He also promised that even it is their final tour as such but they still will perform.

Although their programme is not so much rock-n-roll anymore but they will have a great programm to please the fans and friends. Jimmy will still do pantos and his own Jukebox show. They will perform in Las Vegas but without Merrill the main singer.

From March to May 2012 they are doing an Up Close and Personal tour. He admits that his waistline gone a bit bigger but they won't use special effects to play it down.



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