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Random Day Leads To Marie Osmond Memories
Tulsa World
by Kim Brown
August 18, 2011

Today is officially wacky.

I had intended to blog solely on something entertainment-related, but I'm creating my own entertainment today.

We are lucky at the Scene section to write about a wide variety of subjects. For example I've written about the following today: Bathroom cleaner, ethnic food markets (check out next week's Weekend spread on them, very exciting), and now calf fries.

In the meantime, I was bounced from a local business today as I was out and about -- "Just doing my job, I swear!"

And upon my return, I realized after talking with our music writer, Jennifer Chancellor, that I've been neglecting a very important subject, Donny and Marie.

Marie Osmond is performing in Tulsa on Sept. 2 at the River Spirit Event Center, 81st Street and Riverside Parkway. I have fond memories of the squeaky clean duo, but not necessarily about watching the "Donny and Marie Show."

I played Barbies with them.

Yep, my first set of Barbie dolls were of Donny and Marie. I still remember their pretty, matching purple outfits. I'm glad my first Barbie was a brunette -- nothing against blonds, I had hundreds of blond Barbies thereafter. But she was unique -- one of the few brunette Barbies I had for a very long time.

The only bad memory I have of my Donny and Marie dolls was how frustrated I would get when Donny's head would pop off. Oh, childhood.

Are you heading out to see Marie Osmond?



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