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Osmonds Performing In Pigeon Forge
August 29, 2011

A famous performing family has vacationed in Pigeon Forge. And now they're back to perform.

The breakfast crowd at the Smith Family Dinner Theater got something extra with their pancakes and juice on Monday.

The Osmonds were on stage for a quick sound check.

"This is a sneak peek for tonight. If you come tonight pretend you didn't see this," Entertainer Jimmy Osmond told the small group.

Brothers Wayne, Jay, and Jimmy are spending a week in Pigeon Forge.
"We're going to go to Dollywood, we're going to do all the sights," Jimmy Osmond said. "I brought my beautiful little girl, Bella, so we're going to enjoy the area as well. This is our vacation too."

Jimmy is the youngest so he can brag on his older brothers.

"They've had country hits, pop hits, rock and roll hits and they bring me along for fun," he said.

Walt Disney discovered four singing brothers more than 50 years ago. Donny, Marie, and Jimmy joined a little later. So now the Osmonds have a repertoire of music covering five decades.

"At this stage of our lives we obviously do it because we love it and it's been a blast to do what you love every day. You know, my brothers and I, we still do 200 shows a year if you can believe it," Jimmy said.

Wayne chimed in, "And we still like each other!"

Jimmy shrugged, "Well, sometimes."

The Osmonds will perform Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the Smith Family Dinner Theater in Pigeon Forge.

The shows start at 7:00 p.m and there's no telling what songs they'll play.

"We get a chance to get really close to the audience. And a lot of them have followed us for many years and they'll call out, sing this song, sing this song," Jay Osmond said.

Jimmy said, "We have 4,352 songs and we pick which ones are right for the audience that comes."

The breakfast crowd sure enjoyed the informal preview and many said they're coming back for the real thing.

"It's a blast. It's a variety show. And it's full of even crazy jokes from this character," Jimmy said, pointing toward his older brother, Wayne.

"You betcha'," Wayne said.

Jay added, "He's crazy, believe me, he's crazy."

Wayne defended himself with a smile. "You can't have a show without jokes."

It's a show that will fit the audience and will fill the theater with music.
Tickets are available online or at the door for the shows this week at the Smith Family Dinner Theater.

The Osmonds plan to come back for brief runs in October and November.



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