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Donny and Marie Looking To Scale Down
Show Schedule

Vegas Confidential
by Norm Clarke
September 17, 2011

Flamingo headliners Donny & Marie Osmond may be moving to a scaled-down show schedule – or they may be angling for another extension.

Donny Osmond, in a radio interview that aired Friday, said he doubted that they would remain at the Flamingo on a full-time basis after the current contract ends next year.

He told KWDN-AM 720 talk show host Alan Stock, “I think Donny and Marie will always have a presence in Las Vegas. But I don’t know about year around. “

The Osmonds launched their show at the Flamingo in 2008 early in the recession and it has been one of the strongest performers, with  several extensions.

A Caesars Entertainment rep said the company has ongoing conversations with the Osmonds and “we are very positive they will be with us for some time.”

During the interview, Osmond said the duo has “so many other things we want to do.’

More likely, he said, a future deal would be “kind of like what Celine does when she comes back x amount of  months throughout the year. The year-long thing I’m not sure that’s going to happen much longer after the next year.”

Osmond said he expect to hear next week if CBS plans to greenlight a pilot a lottery game show titled “Secret Fortune,” a spinoff of a current UK show.

He described it as “a cross between ‘Deal or No Deal ‘and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’”



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