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Website Poll Chooses Date For Salt Lake City Man
Fox 13
by Brittany Green-Miner
October 2, 2011

SALT LAKE CITY— A Salt Lake City man is using an unusual way to help find a date.

Nathan Wright recently got divorced after a 15 year marriage and is looking to find a new date. But Nate is using an atypical method: letting online strangers pick his dates.

Nate launched to help find the perfect mate...or at least a date. Girls interested in dating Nate post a photo and a profile. Online visitors are then able to vote on those women; the woman with the most votes goes on a date with Nate.

Some say Nate's plan is a great idea. Others...not so much.

"Women respond to the site a lot differently than guys. Women are on a mission. They've gotta get Nate the right date. They're on a mission. They're looking at the profiles of the applicants and trying to figure out who I'm best suited with. Guys think it's dumb," said Nate.

With the first week of voting over, over 70,000 votes have been cast. Two of the five women up for votes talked to Fox 13 about why they signed up to date Nate.

"The internet killed dating. At least traditional dating," said Anmaree Osmond.

Osmond says she first found out about the site through Facebook and decided to enter, but still has a few reservations.

"I was looking at some random posts on Facebook and I saw the site and I thought, well, he's cute, it might be kind of fun," said Osmond. "I usually like to know more about the people I go out with, but, who knows."

Meeja Aposhian heard about Nate from a coworker. She says it's out of her comfort zone, but decided to try out anyway.

"DateNate is something outside my comfort zone. And I wouldn't have normally had the courage or confidence to do something like this, but I realized that's when you create the wow moments in life," said Aposhian.

But Nate and the winning girl won't be alone on their date. Nate will be wearing a webcam that broadcasts their date live online.

"I'm wearing a webcam, I want people to see from the beginning to end, the entire date," said Nate. "It will be archived and I will be posting it on the site so they can watch it throughout the week."

Even if the date goes well, Nate will be starting again next week with five new women up for votes



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