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Donny Osmond Demonstrates Support For Ill
At Annual Event
The Henderson Press
by Gina Traficant
October 20, 2011

The 16th annual Danny Gans Memorial Champions Run for Life hosted by Donny Osmond was held on Saturday, Oct. 15, at Henderson's Discovery Park. The event, which benefitted the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation, drew participation from 650 runners and walkers, who took time out of their schedules to raise money for the NVCCF.

The NVCCF works closely with the medical community to treat not only ill children but their entire family when a serious illness is diagnosed.
"When a child falls ill families' lives are turned upside down," stated Jeff Gordon, chief executive officer and president of NVCCF. "The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation's community takes families by the hand and asks them to concentrate on each other, so the organization can concentrate on them."

The NVCCF is a one-stop shop for families of ill children. The organization provides social, financial, emotional, psychological and educational assistance, and it fulfills these needs by offering counseling to all family members, food and clothing when needed, tutoring, transportation and, in extreme cases, aiding with financial needs.

One of the key features that separate the NVCCF from other foundations is the number of life-threatening diseases covered under its umbrella. The organization works with children suffering from cancer, sickle cell anemia, HIV/AIDS, renal

disease, hemophilia and other immune and blood-related diseases. At any given time, the group is working actively with 450 families, in addition to keeping track of more than 1000 families in its network.

The Champions Run for Life is more than a fundraiser; it's an event that creates joyful and memorable experiences for the kids. This year, 45 children participated in the Champions Run for Life, where each child is recognized individually.

Race director Tim Kelly stated, "The best part of this event is when Donny Osmond runs the bases with each individual child. You can see people standing there crying—tears of joy and tears of pain. Donny wouldn't be at any other place."

The individuals working at the NVCCF are always hard at work. If they see a need, they do their best to fill it. Four years ago, when the foundation realized that children in their organization were missing too much school, they created a classroom at Sunrise Children's Hospital, so those children could stay current with their studies. In the event that a child is unable to attend the Sunrise classroom, the foundation has more than 50 tutoring volunteers who meet the child at another location, such as the library.

The Champions Run for Life is just one of several fundraisers throughout the year that is held to raise money for the NVCCF, as the foundation does not receive government funds. If you missed the Danny Gans Memorial Champions Run for Life this month, the NVCCF is hosting The Profile of Courage benefit at the Bellagio on Nov. 9. For more information on how to attend, log onto the website at

Families that have once been a part of the NVCCF and then relocated to other cities have reported they have yet to find an organization as unique, helpful and comforting as this one.




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