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Donny Osmond Performs 'If Every Day Could Be Christmas' on 'The Talk'
by Jody Jill
November 18, 2011

Justin Bieber isn’t the only entertainer melting the hearts of the ladies over the holidays. Donny Osmond is too. The older entertainer took the microphone on Friday at the CBS Show The Talk and gave a performance to remember. Known to celebrate the Christmas season with his sister, Marie, Donny loves to belt out those Christmas tunes and he definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The entertainer shared the song If Every Day Could Be Christmas on the stage and the ladies couldn’t seem to get enough. A class act that had everyone reminiscing on how they had a Donny Osmond crush as the entertainer had everyone in the mood for celebrations. With his rich voice on the show today, some ladies didn’t even go searching for the album as it might have been easier to buy a copy on iTunes.

“Marie and I have a brand new show, a Christmas show,” said Donny Osmond talking to the co-hosts and dishing on his holiday plans. “Taking it to Detroit and Chicago. That is where we are going to spend the holidays.”

The heartthrob hasn’t lost his touch with the audience. Catering to everyone in the studio and those at home, it was a chance to welcome an old friend back just in time for the holiday season.



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